What does bizart do?

And why. 

My connection to art is body and soul. Here is my story.

I grew up in poverty in Dayton, Ohio. We had enough to eat. We had clothes to wear. We had shelter. But there were no books. No music. We lived on the outskirts of town on a dirt road with no television. My first encounter with art was the vacant field across the street from our little shack. It was full of flowers and birds. In the winter, it was covered in silver snow and the kind of deep deep quiet that comes with snow. It was beautiful.

I remember tearing a picture of a sunflower from a throwaway magazine and pushing a thumbtack threw it onto the wall. That was the beginning of my art collecting.

My mother had her own art. Of a Sunday, she would make my dad drive her around prosperous neighborhoods so she could look at the houses. She loved brick houses. She thought that was state of the art.

My point is that art is so essential to us as humans that even in the depths of poverty where food is minimal and clothes are second hand and shelter is a 700 square foot shack housing seven people, we reach for art. And that is why now – now that I can – I work to support art.

What do we do? We support the art and artists who create art through business education. We teach artists to allow their art to pay for itself through workshops, classes, seminars and individual coaching so that artists can go on and do more art.  We publish an artist friendly workbook.  (see in our store) 

 In this way, we feel we do the most good for artists and the support of the arts. 

 We hope to do good for you.  

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